Hello I'm Alec, When I was little I began the trend of taking things apart, all my toys to my RC cars I used to race, to the tv remotes. When I was 13 I began the journey of building computers, my first complete build was in a "emachines" using parts I gather from my local PC part shop and "Goodwill".  Later on, I stuck my head into programming when I was introduced to Minecraft by a friend of mine. When I was 15, I had taken computer tech class in middle school that only certain kids were qualified to take touching in on the basics of HTMLCSS, and JS along with computer hardware functionality. My first successful website I built was a like a "Facebook" profile but just featuring a picture, bio, and "what I wanted to do when I grew up and why". It was hard, very hard. Yet I stepped through it and did my research to conquer that project. My teacher was very pleased, she adored my creativity and use of styling. I realized what I wanted to be when I graduated high school, with a 2.98 GPA. By this time I had experience with multiple coding languagesnetworkinggraphic designphotographypoetry, and audio recording. My mind set me on the road for college as I headed to Glendale Community College as my first step. I had enrolled and attended for 2 years getting  all my prerequisites done and finished for my Associates in Science and/or Computer Science, until I got a call from "WOZ-U" and was offered a spot in their "Software Development" program. I qualified for every program they had available, but I chose the Development path with a "success grant" I also qualified for I jumped right in. Before all this happened, it wasn't my desire to be a "Software Developer" I wanted to be a "Computer Hardware Engineer" but as time goes by I thought to myself and looked at it through a business perspective and knew "Developers are the key to marketing as to operating.". Now here I am, a dream currently conquering, a future patiently achieving.
 Thank you for taking the time to read my story,  maybe you can pass it on to anyone else you think would admire such a story. Thank you!
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